Dear Parents,

We have started a school named St. John English School in which we will ensure your child’s Basic Foundation of learning to read, write and speak English
with correct accent, intonation and pronunciation. In this way, the children will be able to pick up and imbibe the correct ‘sounds’ of the English Language
from teachers who, themselves have had a background of English Education. Whatever the child will learn by listening, seeing, and practicing by speaking,
will be learnt for life.

Our children are like small plants in a garden, where the teachers are like gardeners (MALI) attending to the growth of each and every plant / flower by
giving the right manure and carefully nurturing them and watering them to enable each child seedling to bloom and blossom into beautiful flowers.
Here the children will be taught manners, morality, courtesy and how to become good obedient children who will not only be a pride for their parents but
would also be responsible citizens of their country.

Good Education is an investment for your children.


Mrs.J.I. Page

MA (English), B.Ed (Ex -Principal Army School)